Azmah Advertising Sdn. Bhd.

Established since 1988, Azmah Advertising Sdn Bhd (AASB) a full-service agency providing services and solutions across all critical creative components of a modern business, including:

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Design & Packaging
  • Corporate Gifts & Merchandises
  • Event Management

At AASB, we are professionals who understand that effective advertising is beyond mixing words with graphics. We are constantly mindful of not just the creative, but the technological and business aspects of all our projects. Whatever the nature or size of the job, we will strive to create and execute aesthetically pleasing concepts that are in perfect balance with the desires, expectations and buying habits of the target audience; which are further backed by highly-reliable technological platform to ensure effective, dependable delivery.

Our approach is multi-focused and highly-disciplined. Though we are a creative agency, we follow a strict process just like any other successful business entity, ensuring that we perform to the demands of the tightest deadlines. Ultimately, our mission is to ensure one common result for all AASB clients – which is an effective end-product that combines all vital business, creative and technological components for an exciting and brilliant performance

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8.30am to 5.30pm (Monday to Friday)

Products & Services

AASB is a one-stop centre for all your creative needs and requirements of individuals and corporate customers, regardless of job nature or size. Our full range of creative services include broadly of the following:

Whilst many agencies have the ability to create beautiful brand designs, AASB takes it one step further by ensuring that the brands we create embody the vision and objectives of our clients in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. The result is the creation of highly-effective brand designs which provide visual impact with the right context, ensuring that intended audiences are left with more than a lasting impression, but one that will relate to the products and services associated with the brand.

At AASB, we do more than just produce advertisement. We amalgamate dynamic themes and ideas with impression-lasting images, give them a spin that is unique to the customer’s brandname, and execute the outcome using various mediums to build up the right momentum and ultimately leave a memorable impression on the target audiences. In short, we create advertisements not just to showcase products, but to help our customers jump out from a sea of competition.

Great packaging requires a special combination of shelf-screaming creativity, strategy-driven structural design and extensive manufacturing expertise. AASB provides all the above elements riding from our years of experience creating highly-effective packaging designs for international fast-moving-consumer-good products which are now marketed across the region and the globe. Our designs are more than simply imageries on containers; they are a fusion of form and function that literally scream attention to consumers.

In the information society, interactive media channels including websites, computer presentations on CD, email marketing tools and other sophisticated forms of visual presentations are becoming more than just a value-add. They are now a necessity in a world driven by the Internet and technology systems in running businesses. Without team of IT professionals, AASB has the expertise to provide all major forms of interactive media, ensuring that our clients stay at the forefront of the technological curve creatively.

Our satisfied business clients that procured our wide-range catalogues of premium and corporate gifts are mainly corporations, marketing companies and government agencies. We deliver corporate marketing gifts, business gifts, ideas for corporate functions & marketing events; as we believe in personalized service for a total customer satisfaction.
Name Card Holder | Bag | Merchandise | Key Chain | T-Shirt | Lanyard

In collaboration with our business partner’s expertise, we specialize in events from conceptualization to completion.

We provide a professional range of event management services to suit your business needs, be it corporate or social events. Our many years of experience in organizing corporate events in the past, would help you host a great event, showcasing innovative ideas with excellent execution.