Mofaz was given a trust and opportunity by the authority to setting up the flying academy in Langkawi island in which became the foaming of Mofaz Air and Mofaz Air Flight Academy and train 109 pilot for the first batch.
To ensure the understanding of all aspect of this business venture, Tn Hj. Fauzy learnt and taking flight training in kansas U.S and get his helicopter and fixed wing license. With the experience and aviation technical understanding, Mofaz Air creating the Fixed Base Operation (FBO) for the private and commercial plane checking and repairing.

Mofaz Air making another mile stone by creating no-frills airline which everyone can afford to fly to their destination. the idea came from Tn. Hj. Fauzy experience on the airline services during his 2 years stay in U.S. With the support and approval by the government, Air Asia was born and Mofaz Air became the owner and operator together with DRB Hicom.